Pauline had a great smile and lots of energy to battle on through IT issues. Pauline’s always been there to take it on and I know she’s done some big days (and nights) to keep things going. She also worked through the long transition from one system to another, which is never easy. In my time at NZGBC, I really valued her smile and tenacity.

By : Matthew Cutler-Welsh – Founder, Homerstyle Green

Pauline was a pleasure to work with. She took a very logical approach to the project, consulting the appropriate stakeholders where needed to gain a thorough understanding of what needed to be achieved and the workflows involved. From her research and invaluable knowledge of ISO standards Pauline successfully developed and implemented a system that combined impeccable standards with simplicity and ease of use.

By : James – 12d Synergy

Pauline created a new Health and Safety Management System for UES, a requirement that was needed in order for us to meet the new legislative requirements set by Worksafe New Zealand. During this time I found Pauline to be very professional. Pauline responded to all requests in a timely manner, answered all my questions and communicated with me on a regular basis to ensure I understood what was happening throughout the entire process. The new OHSMS was a requirement we needed in order to pass a company audit and it was a stressful time for our company, however Pauline was very supportive and went above and beyond to help us through this stressful period.

By : Diane Ratty – Unlimited Environmental Solutions Ltd